Senior District & All-State Scoreform - Timpani

TempoThe student;
is accurate and consistent with the printed tempo markings.
approaches the printed tempo markings yet the performed tempo does not detract significantly from the performance.
is different from the printed tempo resulting in an inappropriate tempo for the selection, yet is consistent.
is inconsistent, (i.3. rushing, dragging, inaccurate tempo changes.
is NOT accurate or consistent.
Rhythmic AccuracyThe student performs;
accurate rhythms throughout.
nearly accurate rhythms, but lacks precise interpretation of some rhythm patterns.
many rhythmic patterns accurately but some lack precision (approximation of rhythm patterns used .
many rhythmic patterns incorrectly or inconsistently.
the majority of rhythms incorrectly.
Intonation/PitchesThe student _
Technique/ArticulationThe student:
MusicianshipThe student:

Tuning Accuracy
Melodic Accuracy
Rhythmic Accuracy

Playing techniqueThe student performed with _
Rhythmic AccuracyThe student performed with _
Performance SkillsThe student performed _