Senior District Scoreform - Winds/Brass

Melodic AccuracyThe student performs;
all pitches performed accurately, within the context of the melodic line.
nearly all pitches performed accurately with attention to the melodic line.
some pitches performed accurately, with some attention to the melodic line.
many pitches performed accurately, but has difficult with melodic precision.
numerous inaccurate pitches, but displays basic understanding of melodic control.
inaccurate pitches throughout the performance (i.e. missing key signatures, accidentals).
Rhythmic AccuracyThe student performs;
accurate rhythms throughout.
nearly accurate rhythms, but lacks precise interpretation of some rhythm patterns.
many rhythmic patterns accurately, but some lack precise interpretation.
many rhythmic patterns performed accurately, but does not exhibit appropriate interpretation.
many rhythmic patterns incorrectly or inconsistently performed.
most rhythmic patterns performed incorrectly.
Tone QualityThe student's tone;
is full, rich, and characteristic of the tone quality of the instrument in all ranges and registers.
characteristic tone quality in most registers/ranges.
characteristic tone quality varies based on register/range.
exhibits some flaws in tone production (i.e. thin, unfocused, and/or forced sound).
has flaws in basic tone production (i.e. consistently thin, unfocused, and/or forced sound).
exhibits many major flaws in tone production, and is not a tone quality characteristic of the instrument.
IntonationThe student's intonation;
is accurate in all ranges and registers .
is mostly accurate, student is able to adjust isolated pitches in context.
is mostly accurate, student fails to adjust isolated pitches.
usually accurate, but includes out of tune notes; student adjusts these problem pitches with some success.
exhibits basic sense of intonation, yet has significant problems, and makes no attempts to adjust pitch.
is not accurate. The performance is out of tune.
TempoThe student's tempo;
is accurate and consistent with the printed tempo marking(s).
is mostly accurate and consistent with the printed tempo marking(s), yet the performed tempo does not detract significantly from the performance.
is somewhat accurate and consistent with the printed tempo marking(s), performed tempo impacts the overall performance.
is different from the printed tempo marking(s), resulting in inappropriate tempo(s) for the selection, yet remains consistent.
is not accurate or is inconsistent (rushing, dragging, inaccurate tempo changes).
ArticulationThe student's articulations;
are clearly, precisely, and appropriately executed within the context of the musical line.
demonstrates appropriate execution of designated articulations as written in the music.
demonstrates appropriate execution of designated articulations, but not always consistent with what is written in the music.
are present, but executed in isolation within the melodic line.
are somewhat present, but not consistently executed to support the musical line.
are inconsistent and does not support the musical line.
MusicianshipThe student _
TechniqueThe student _


Adjudicator should fill in the names of the required scales for assessment in the spaces provided. Check the box in the column that best describes the student's performance (one box per scale.)

all pitches accurately.
almost all accurate pitches.
some accurate pitches.
numerous inaccurate pitches.
the majority of pitches inaccurately.
no accurate pitches.
Overall Scale Rhythm, Articulation, Tempo, and IntonationThe student performs;

Melodic AccuracyThe student performs;
all pitches/notes accurately.
almost all pitches/notes accurately. Quickly adjusts inaccuracies.
some pitches/notes accurately.
numerous inaccurate pitches/notes.
inaccurate pitches/notes throughout the performance (i.e. missing key signatures, accidentals, etc.).
Rhythmic AccuracyThe student performs;
all rhythmic patterns accurately.
almost all accurate rhythmic patterns.
some accurate rhythmic patterns.
numerous inaccurate rhythmic patterns.
the majority of rhythmic patterns inaccurately.
InterpretationThe student;
TempoThe student's Tempo;
DynamicsThe student performs;
ArticulationsThe student performs;